Wedding Officiate

Zoie Kaye

Wedding on deck overlooking Lake Lucerne in Eureka Springs, ARZoie Kaye has been an ordained minister in Eureka Springs for 19 years and has officiated over hundreds of weddings in the area. When describing Zoie as an ordained minister, it can make her sound a bit stodgy, but that is not the case. Zoie believes a wedding service should be an intimate, spiritual experience that allows the fun and joy of occasion to be present.  Zoie offers both Christian and Civil Services depending upon the couple’s wishes. Her greatest desire is that the bridal couple will remember and use the words from the service as a guideline for a successful marriage.

Wedding Locations

PWedding Couple following wedding in wooded call if you need information about where to have your wedding ceremony. If you are planning a simple service outdoors without guests, there are a number of springs in downtown Eureka Springs, which would be suitable. These locations are free and the only cost would be for the officiate, Zoie Kaye.

Zoie is affiliated with Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch. Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch is a perfect location for a small intimate wedding. It’s great for a couple that wants to slip away and get married without any fanfare. Or include the family (up to eight guests). We conduct our weddings in the cottage or deck if you are a guest or on the floating wedding gazebo as a non-guest.

We are more than happy to give you other suggestions and answer other questions you may have.   We can assist you in obtaining a bridal bouquet, a photographer, even a small heart cake if you would like.  Please email or call for assistance.   It’s your wedding and we want it to be a magical event.

History – Zoie Kaye

Upon moving to Eureka Springs from San Francisco in 2002,  Zoie purchased The Inn at Rose Hall, an elegant bed and breakfast.   It was one of the top locations in Eureka Springs for weddings and celebrations. She sold The Inn at Rose Hall in 2018 and has directed her energies to creating another of the Kaye’s ventures, Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch.

Prior to moving to Eureka Springs Zoie spent fifteen years on the international speaking circuit as a professional motivational speaker. She is the author of a small and impactful training book, “Saying No to Negativity”.


Comment from one of our wedding couples –

Our wedding in the garden was everything we wanted it to be.  Thank you so much for helping us make it happen, and for making our first days as a married couple so special.  The cake was outstanding!

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