The Wedding Cake ­– Part of a Fairy Tale Wedding

There are a lot of questions you will need to answer before you start talking to the Bakery about your wedding cake.  Make sure you plan ahead.

Tiered cake with butterflies and roses.

What do you want your wedding cake to look like?

Look at your bridal magazines for ideas and go on line. Pinterest has so many ideas for the perfect wedding cake. Remember this is a decision you and the groom should make together. The groom may not care about a lot of the wedding decisions but most have an opinion about the wedding cake.  What could be more fun than sampling cakes together?


Do you both agree on the flavor of your cake?

Keep the flavor simple.  Fancier cakes such as carrot cake or red velvet will be more costly.  Decide what type of frosting you both prefer.  Do you want a classic buttercream frosting or more formal fondant?  A lot depends on your personal preferences,  but also on the style/design of your cake.Tiered wedding cake with swag


Design ideas

Your wedding cake can be as creative as your imagination.  It isn’t necessary to have a plain white-tiered cake with a bride and groom topper.

Some of the prettiest wedding cakes today are topped with fresh flowers that match the bridal party’s flowers. It is a lot less expensive to use fresh flowers than molded sugar flowers.  Be creative.  Some brides are replicating the lace or jewels from their dress on their wedding cake. If Eureka Springs is going to be a destination wedding, you can incorporate specific ideas that represent our Victorian Village in your cake design.  Your imagination and a creative Bakery such as Cravings are your only limits.


Cake Costs

Set your budget before visiting with your baker. Wedding cake cost is calculated per slice and not per cake. Cravings charges $3.29/slice for buttercream and $4.29/slice for fondant. Decide which is more important to you the quality of taste vs. the visual appearance of your cake. Keep your shapes simple. Round or square will be less expensive than more complex shapes.  If you are having a large wedding, consider having a more standard two or three tier cake.  Serve your guests from a simple sheet cake or cupcakes made by your baker.  Watch out for fancy decorations as they take time and will increase your cost.


Groom’s Cake

Groom toolbox






A Groom’s cake can be outrageous and fun.


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