Time to start planning your Eureka Springs Wedding! Our little Victorian Village is the perfect location for a romantic destination wedding. And what could be more romantic than a wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. It has a lot of history.  Many of the couples that come to Eureka Springs to be married have childhood memories of visiting here as children.

Eureka Springs Wedding


We know all the wedding planners talk about planning your wedding months in advance, and we would agree if you are planning a large wedding. But we are talking about a different kind of wedding.  It is a small intimate wedding that requires a few telephone calls, a marriage license, minister and a couple that is in love.  And that is what we would call winning recipe for a lasting marriage.

All of our featured wedding venues know how to create this winning recipe. They have done literally hundreds of weddings over the years as a result already have everything in place. Each have a relationship with a florist, or have the talent to make the bridal bouquet themselves. If they don’t make their own cakes, they will know which baker to call for a beautiful and tasty wedding cake. They have an in-house minister or know who to call.

Create lasting memories for years at your Eureka Springs Wedding.

Wedding Dinner

Bottle of champagne

To make your Eureka Springs Wedding complete, follow your wedding with a sumptuous dinner at anyone of our wonderful dining venues. If you have been to Eureka Springs, you may already have a special restaurant. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Eureka Springs has earned the title Wedding Capitol of the South because we know how to create beautiful, affordable weddings with ease. Make your wedding a day you will remember for the rest of your life.